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The Final State Cities in the Metaverse

As was mentioned in a previous post, the planets that NFT collectors own in the metaverse can be used for a variety of purposes. While owners of the planet NFTs will be able earn crypto tokens through mineral resources and from conquering non-NFT planets, cities will allow users to earn exponentially more income by being able to open businesses, host live events, invest in real estate, and more! Of course it's not all about the money. Cities will be large scale and allow users to hang out and collaborate together to create vibrant cultures.

Collect NFT Cities

While one collector may own a planet, someone else might own a city on that same planet. As some cities are very rare and desirable, planet owners might be tempted to collaborate with city owners to develop their cities. Of course, on a planet that is conquered or uncontrolled (non-NFT) anyone can set up a city. The risk here is that the city can be attacked!

Home Away from Home

Collectors and metaverse users alike will be able to come together to live, work, and play in these cities. The cities will have full scale DeFi economies that people can use to earn real income, and buy goods and services just like they would in the real world. Similar to Decentraland and Sandbox, individuals and groups will be able to own land, set up art galleries, museums, and other businesses and gathering places as they work together to create vibrant communities.

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