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Why Collect Planet NFTs?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

The planet cards form the basis of The Final State universe. Once the it goes live, users will be given a planet in-universe that is created based on the stats from the cards. Each Planet is sold on OpenSea as an NFT. This will be a full-fledged planet existing in the metaverse that owners will be to govern in any way they choose!

Run Your Planet on Your Own Terms

Want to be a totalitarian king with complete power over his subjects? Go for it. The president of a democratic republic where people actually get to vote? There will be options for everyone, and administrative features will be available for people to have as fine-grain control of their worlds as needed. Leaders will be able to do everything from set their interstellar and domestic policies, develop cities and organizations. or even decide to forgo any sort of bureaucracy altogether and rule their planet as a warlord. The options will be endless! Other users will be able to visit planets and interact with the cultures that inhabit these worlds. Truly vibrant worlds will emerge where lifeforms for all over will be able to interact in live events such as concerts, games, and more. The options are endless.

Earn Crypto Tokens and Conquer the Universe

Planets will produce resources based on a variety of factors related to each of their card's statistics, and this can be used to accomplish a variety of goals, such as development or conquest. Resources can be used to create cities or raise armies that can conquer other (non-NFT) planets, planetary systems, and even entire galaxies. Alliances can be formed to work together for control of the universe!

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